The day of the event



Where is the main site, start line and finish line ?

All activities are taking place at the Daniel-Johnson Park, located at 230 Drummond Street, Granby, QC

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*Please note that dogs are prohibited in the park.


What happens if it’s raining or snowing?
The event is held whether the weather is good or inclement, except in the case where the safety or health of runners is compromised.


How much time before my race departure time do I have to show up?
If you didn’t pick up your race kit on the Saturday, you should be there one hour prior to the start of your race. If you already have your race kit, we recommend that you arrive at least 30 minutes before your departure time.


Is there a place where I can leave my personal belongings?
We have a cloakroom where your personal belongings will be identified according to your bib number and kept safely inside the Pavillon Roger-Bédard. Even though the cloakroom is attended at all times, we suggest not leaving valuable belongings. We do not take responsibility in case of loss or theft.


Will there be a child care service on-site?
There is no child care service on-site.


Is it possible to buy a t-shirt the day of the event?
Yes, it costs $ 12 tax included at the Registration Area. Only cash,checks and credit card are accepted.


Can we buy an extra meal?
Yes, it costs $10 tax included. Go to the Registration Area to pay the fee; we will then mark your bib to inform the person in charge at the Food tent. Only cash and checks are accepted.


Are dogs allowed on-site or on the course?
No, dogs are not allowed on-site (Daniel-Johnson Park) nor on the racing course, with the exception of guide dogs.


On the courses


Are we required to run at a minimum speed?

For distances of 10K and less, there is no minimum speed. For the 21.1K, participants are asked to walk at a speed of at least 11 minutes per kilometer or run at 9 minutes per kilometer. The time limit for the marathon is 5h45


Are we allowed to run with a stroller in your event?
Yes, strollers are accepted. However, at the start line, you must run behind the group, for safety purposes.


Are walkers welcome to your race?
Yes, walkers are welcome to our races. Our events also include a walking portion, both for those doing brisk walking and those who only want to walk. Therefore, we hold a distinct medal ceremony.  Walkers are required not to run intervals, meaning they could not alternate between running and walking. If you wish to do some intervals, you must register as a runner.


Are people with disabilities or impaired mobility welcome to your race?
Yes, they are. If a person requires assistance, the assistant will be allowed to run for free. The assistant will be wearing a participant number but will receive no time-keeping bib or participating medal. However, lunch will be provided. We ask people using a wheelchair to start at the end of the running pack.


Are there pace bunnies (pacers) on your circuit?
There will be pace bunnies for the marathon and half-marathon distances. If you wish to become a pacer, please send an email at


Where can I find the race’s courses?
Courses for the event are available on the «Race info» tab.


Are the courses going to be properly marked?

Yes! There will be a team of volunteers and policemen on the course, guiding the participants. There will also be easy-to-understand signs all along the course. You will need to follow the arrows according to your distance.


Are we allowed to wear headphones?
You may run with headphones, but, for safety purposes, it is not recommended. In any case, it will be important to follow volunteers’ guiding instructions on the course.


Are dogs allowed on the courses?
Dogs are not allowed on the main site nor on the courses, with the exception of guide dogs.


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